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Making Australia Safe with ASSA Systems & Services

Workplace health and safety has been prioritised by the Australian government as a major area for reform. By taking advantage of ASSA’s cutting edge services and systems your compliance with Federal and State OHS policy becomes simple.

Workplace Health & Safety – OHS Policy & Legislation

Workplace health and safety has been prioritised by the Australian government as a major area for reform. The reform agenda has identified harmonization as a key element – working toward a single set of safe work practices. They have the intention of reducing or minimising incidences of injury, disease and death throughout Australia by having an effective set of work safety laws in place. Currently, Australian States and territories develop and enforce their own workplace health and safety laws, and whilst the work safety laws have similarities in terms of application there are differences in application governed by respective law details. The role of Safe Work Australia is to develop models for work place safety. These safe work practices models will become the basis for the WHS Act, and will be supported by relevant work safety regulations and workplace safety Codes of Practice. These safe workplace models should be adaptable round Australia. The intention is that all states and territories will pass their own laws, mirroring the safe workplace models, and have them adopted by December 2011.

Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Compliance Specialists

Advanced Safety Systems Australia (ASSA) leads the industry with its innovative, yet affordable solutions to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) issues with safe work practices. By using ASSA services your compliance with Federal and State OHS policy and work safety laws is made simple. You will save your money and time with user-friendly solutions that enable instant setup of a Workplace Health & Safety system, leaving you free to focus on your main business.

Apart from the comprehensive Workplace Health & Safety system provided, our membership area has all the necessary information related to Best Practices to run and manage any business, no matter how big or small. The membership area covers Workplace Inductions, Employee Relations, Training and Recruitment specifically as they relate to:

  • ohs procedures
  • ohs legislation
  • safety in the workplace
  • ohs regulations
  • Workplace Policy
  • Workplace Safety
  • Safe work Procedures

Health and Safety Policies and Safety Signs

One of the benefits of being a full ASSA member* is that you get access to more than 800 downloads of Safe Work Procedures, all inclusive of your own company logo. You will find an extensive library of convenient templates covering Job Safety Analysis (JSA Templates), Safe Work Method Statements, Recruitment Forms, and Safety Checklists. By using our ASSA System, mandatory Employee Inductions become simple, and don’t take up precious time that could be used more productively.

What Are the Benefits of choosing ASSA for OHS Policies and Safety Signs?

  • Australia wide FREE advisory service on Safety Signage is provided by ASSA
  • Australia wide FREE consultations on Occupational Health and Safety provided by ASSA
  • Total solutions: ASSA leads the field with their unique and creative range of Safety Signs, plus their comprehensive Workplace Practices and OHSE & Workplace Practices Systems
  • Total Quality Assurance guarantees: all ASSA products are extensively researched and stringently tested to ensure they meet all the standards required for OHS Australia Workplace Policies.

When you need a solution for safe work practices and Work Place Health and Safety you can’t go wrong with ASSA. We provide comprehensive solutions and make it simple for you to meet all the standards as required by law. Use our OHS tools in addition to our JSA templates to improve employee relations by having administrative tools enabling you to save valuable money and time. Contact us for more information at ASSA today.

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